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Check out the Ballard Jazz Festival on April 17-20

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Come on out in April and enjoy the Ballard Jazz Festival this week, April 17-20, as folks from around the sound will be treated to four nights of some of the best jazz musicians from around the country.  The 11th Annual 2013 Ballard Jazz Festival is one of the Northwest’s truly unique cultural events with tickets available for $12.00-$13.00.    Started in 2003 to highlight the thriving neighborhood of old town Ballard and Seattle’s world-class jazz musicians, the Ballard Jazz Festival quickly grew into an internationally recognized festival.   ballardjazzfestivalFor a week in April, all eyes and ears will focus on Ballard.    The Seattle-area festival starts out with the “Brotherhood of the Drum” concert, a guitar summit, and then, on Friday, April 19th, is the Ballard Jazz walk, where folks can make there way through 21 groups and 12 venues, all for one ticket price! Saturday brings a mainstage concert, and Sunday wraps up the festival with a Swedish Jazz Brunch at the Nordic Heritage Museum.  In less than a week the 2013 Ballard Jazz Festival kicks off with Brotherhood of the Drum at Conor Byrne Pub. Once again The Drum Exchange is a sponsor (check out the 20th annual World Rhythm Festival that they are involved with on April 12-14).

Performing at this year’s Brotherhood of the Drum are New York drummer Sylvia Cuenca, Seattle legend Chris Leighton, co-organizer Matt Jorgensen, and Seattle drummer Sean Lane performing solo on his own creation, “The Bike.”

No matter what your musical style, make a trip to Ballard – this event sounds like a blast!

Ballard Jazz Festival

April 17-20, 2013

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