Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Online Gamers: Endless Space is Updated & Free to Play on Steam this Weekend

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Developer Amplitude Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced today the launch of the second free add-on, Echoes of the Endless, for their acclaimed 4x strategy game Endless Space. Endless Space, which includes “Echoes of the Endless,” the game’s second free content pack, is free to play this weekend on Steam. Not only is the 4X strategy game free this weekend, but it’s also 50 percent off at $15. The game is free to play until Sunday at 1PM Pacific and 50 percent off until Monday at 10AM Pacific.


We gotta hand it to Amplitude Studios: they’ve certainly supported their game, taking a title that launched with some rough spots during the summer and smoothing them out. If you enjoy games like Civilization or Masters of Orion, you definitely owe it to yourself to download Endless Space and give it a spin around the Milky Way.


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