Saturday, May 26, 2018

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How to get a FREE Online Education and Get Ahead!

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Did you know you can take FREE online courses from the leading universities like Carnegie Mellon, UC-Berkeley, University of Michigan, MIT, Oxford, Stanford and Yale? If you are like us and you want to pursue an online education in an area of interest, sharpen your skills or even learn a language, we have found that many colleges and universities, such as the University of Michigan, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Johns Hopkins actually post their courses online on their web sites. All online access to these online course information is free. Of course you won’t get course credits toward a degree, but you can take the same classes as college students but for FREE! Thanks to Free Things to Do in Orlando and Free Things to Do in Ann Arbor for the lead on these great free online courses.

You can also go to Apple’s iTunes University to access more than 200,000+ free lectures, videos and other materials from 600 universities, including University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, UC-Berkeley, Oxford, Stanford and Yale.

University of Michigan
Stanford University
University of Notre Dame
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Johns Hopkins
Apple’s iTunes University

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