Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Question of the Day: Would you pay to be a Groupon VIP?

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Would you be willing to pay an annual fee to have greater access to the deals you want?    Groupon aficionados know there’s nothing like being away from email for a day or two, then learning that you missed out on a huge discount at your favorite salon, that new restaurant you want to try, or a much-needed massage.    The Chicago-based daily deals site is testing a VIP program that would charge users $29.99 for access to closed or sold-out deals, early access to regular deals and “one-click access” to refunds (for Groupon credit) on expired deals, the Chicago Tribune reports.   Letters introducing the program and offering a free three-month trial were sent to select “best customers,” according to Business Insider. A company spokesperson said the service is “aimed at ‘Groupon-addicts'” but, if successful, may be expanded to more users.  The VIP program is not available in all markets. Groupon told the Tribune that the program is “quietly testing in a handful of markets,” including Tampa, Fla., and Hampton Roads, Va.

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