Friday, May 25, 2018

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Free XBox with Computer Purchase

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Right now, students can purchase a brand new Windows 7 based PC for $699 and higher and end up getting a free Xbox 360 gaming console. Starting May 22, students who spend more than $699 on a Windows 7 PC will get a FREEĀ  Xbox 360 4GB console. You can buy any kind of PC, though Microsoft recommended the Dell Inspiron 14r or the Samsung Series 9. You’ll need a .edu email address to buy online; if you want to purchase in person, bring a student ID. Microsoft said the deal will run until September 3 or until supplies last. With this offer, you get an Xbox 360 4GB console with your Windows 7 PC purchase over $699 – no cost and no strings! While a Windows 7 PC is perfect for staying connected to your social networks, surfing the web, gaming and streaming videos, music and more, when you add the power of the FREE Xbox 360, you’ve got a world of entertainment at your fingertips. You’ll never lack for opponents with the huge network of gamers playing on PCs and Xbox 360 consoles**, so it’s easy to find friends or players at your level. And it’s easy to stream music, TV and more from your PC directly to your free Xbox 360.

The offer is available in the United States starting May 22, so you’ll have to wait a few days until you can rush into the store. End dates vary by retailer so shop early! It’s also coming soon in France and Canada. They mention either needing a .edu email address or student ID in order to qualify. It is slated to run until September 3rd or when supplies run out.


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